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At McElwee Law Firm, we take a different approach to representing our personal injury clients. We charge a fee of ONLY 20% for our representation. because we understand you were injured – not your attorney.

The McElwee Law Firm was started in 1935 by William H. McElwee, Jr. in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.  Throughout its 82 year history, the McElwee Law Firm has been one of the most significant and successful law practices in western North Carolina.  William H. McElwee, Jr. helped to incorporate what is now Lowe’s Hardware in 1952, and the firm served as Lowe’s general counsel for over 40 years.  The firm also helped to incorporate and served as general counsel for Holly Farms beginning in 1968.  Today the original law office is still located in North Wilkesboro, in the same location where it has been for over 50 years, and a second office is located in Winston-Salem.  The firm offers a full range of legal services to its clients, including representation in personal injury matters.

Our mission is to provide outstanding legal representation to our clients at a fair price.  We strongly believe in the principle that “You were injured, not your attorney” and therefore a greater portion of the money ought to go into your pocket.  When considering an attorney, find out how much it will cost you.  Is the attorney wanting 25% or 33% or more of your settlement?  We charge a flat 20% for our representation.  That puts a greater percentage of the money in your pocket at the end of the day.  Isn’t that what should happen?  READ MORE >>>

20% for Representation

We understand you were injured, NOT your attorney. That is why we charge 20% for our representation – putting more of the settlement into your pocket.


Mr. McElwee is a Wake Forest University and Wake Forest Law School graduate, with 17 years of experience representing injured clients.

Distinguished History

McElwee Firm has been a mainstay in northwest North Carolina since 1935.  You can trust a firm with this kind of legacy when you need help.

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